Manemaxx Tembond Review

I was psyked when I first heard about the Manemaxx tembond DIY hair extensions kit. I had tried keratin extension  couple of times before, but it was a hot mess getting out of fragile curly mixed hair. I think I lost about 1/3 of it in the process both times. for some reason I  never just learn from my mistakes the first time around.

Anyway Manemaxx seemed like the perfect solution from me- they were non damageable on your own hair- really easy to remove. The only issue of course was that I never tried to put tip extensions in my hair on my own (or any other sort of extensions for that matter). Oh well, I’m an optimist!

… I have now been locked in the bathroom for 4 hours, these stupid bonds aren’t sticking. I have read the instructions 4 times, and seen the video twice as many. Go to bed.

Day 2, I manage to put in a full head of hair- it took me about 14 hours. The whole point of me purchasing manemaxx was that I wanted to make bonds that were so small and tiny they were undetectable to touch. This turned out to be impossible.

This method never really worked for me, the tips kept falling out of my hair, When I showered- pieces were coming out like crazy. I think this method may very well work on caucasian hair. I on the other hand have mixed very curly hair and was attempting to put curly hair in.

To be fair to Manemaxx, there really wasn’t any information on curly installs on there sight.

So in coclusion Manemaxx did not work for me for the fallowing three reasons

1. I was not able to make the bonds as tiny as I wanted and be undetectable(this I think, just isn’t possible with tips)

2. The tembond just didn’t stay in my ultra curly hair.

3. I was not able to use the very moisturizing intensifying shampoo’s and conditioners I need for my dry and brittle hair. The tembond slid right out during my shower sessions.

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5 Responses to Manemaxx Tembond Review

  1. autumn says:

    …on the website videos it says to apply to clean straight hair. not curly :/

    • Tee says:

      I did straighten my hair beforehand, as well as the extensions hair. But when I wet my hair the tips kept falling out. It doesn’t say anywhere that the method does not work on curly hair- atleast it didn’t when I purchased it.

  2. micro ring says:

    i hate shedding with certain types of extensions thats why i like remy hair sheds less

  3. Stephanie says:

    The bond does work with curly hair. I have seen users that have used ManeMaxx to achieve a successful, curly install elsewhere online. I think your issue may have been that you were trying to make very small bonds. It is advised that the bundle be near 1/4th an inch (off the weft). If there isn’t enough bond, the extension can slip out easily because the attachment will be weak. My bonds are made near 1/4th and inch and while they are big enough to have a strong attachment, they are completely undetechtable. 

    Maybe you can try again sometime if you still have your kit! They are very helpful too, over at ManeMaxx, and are really quick to help customers and answer questions. 

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