Pinch Braids Review

One of the methods of extensions I have tried the most times is pinch braids. This is a technique that is pretty popular among extension enthusiast because it is natural, there is no glue or other chemicals put in your hair. Pinch braids is a strand by strand technique applied by creating a tiny braid in your own natural hair infusing bulk human hair. A piece of elastic string is there after tied around the braid to hold it in  place.

I have often worn this technique when I have had in really curly hair extensions. The strands rarely come out, even when brushing hair pretty aggressively. I really need a method that sticks to my head.

This method is also good for creating volume, you can really add a lot of hair to the strands, everything in moderation of course. But if you want huge big Shakira hair, and you aren’t blessed with it from your mother, this is the way to go.

What I don’t like about this method is that it is extremely bulky in my opinion. The knots are at least 2-3 times as bigger than  fusion bond.  If someone runs their fingers through your hair it is evident that you are wearing extensions. In my book this is a big no no. I don’t like this unnatural feeling, it makes me feel fake!!

All in all I have had this technique done numerous times because it is very low maintenance, cost effective and it looks amazing. The bulkiness ruins it for me though.

This hair extensions install was installed by The Hair Police in Minneapolis

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