Who does Indian Hair Extensions come from?

Hair Extensions has in the last few years become a very heated debate between people for hair extension and against them. Horrific stories of young girls having their hair cut off in their sleep or being enslaved to grow hair have emerged from different corners of the globe. But is there any truth to these stories? Or are they just fiction horror stories?

ABC did a very interesting article this very topic in 2010. The article talks explains how Indian women shave off their heads in a religious ceremony to show gratitude towards their indian gods. Since most of the India population lives in extreme poverty the women’s hair is often their most priced possession to give.

In older times, the Indian temples would have so much hair they would give it to factories that could use it to stuff mattresses with. Today the temples are making a lot more money off of the hair than they did before the popularization of  hair extensions.  The point coming across in  the article is that these Indian women will shave their heads regardless of the Western world purchases the hair or not. The biggest controversy is probably the fact that  Indian women have no idea that their hair is being sold by the temples. The questions to ask is probably not if the West should be buying the hair from the Indian traders, but rather if the Indian temples should be sharing their new-found wealth from hair extensions with the women enabling the product in the first place?

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