The 411 on remy indian human hair

indian remy straight natural

There are so many hair extensions types available on the market today. It is hard to tell what is quality human hair and what is not. Indian hair has long been the front-runner in the hair extensions field. This is of course not without a reason. Indian hair is by far the most readily available human hair extensions hair on the market. This is because Indian women sacrifice their hair to the hindu gods daily at the Indian temples. As the worlds second most populated country with a population of over 1 billion people, the majority of them Hindu, that adds up to a lot Indian hair stacking up at the temples daily. Before the invention of hair extensions, the Indian temples used to use al the hair as mattress stuffing! Today those mattresses would be quite the gold mine!

The Indian temples sell the true indian hair to hair extensions manufactures that are primarily located in the Quindao region in China- but also in India itself. China especially has for many years been known as a the ‘Hair Extensions Mecca’ with hundreds of factories throughout the country. The Chinese hair extensions manufactures have perfected the art of transforming the bulk Indian hair into wefts and wigs in a ray of different colors and textures. The end quality result of the Indian human hair depends on how much and how harshly the hair has been processed. The more natural and unprocessed the hair extensions the greater the hair value. The best quality Indian hair extensions hair is popularly marketed as ‘100% remy indian hair extensions’ and completely unprocessed Indian hair as ‘virgin remy Indian hair extensions’.

Because of the easy availability Indian hair, Manufactures and middle men have started ‘disguising’ the Indian hair with fancy names such a Brazilian hair, Mongolian hair and Malaysian hair. Each of the names express specific characteristics about the hair. For instance, Malaysian human hair is known to be sleeker, shinier and thinner much like European hair. Brazilian hair is known for being any type of curl ranging from afro kinky to looser curls. In reality brazilian hair is often ‘afro indian hair’. Also, we are definitely not claiming that these hair extensions types do not exists but simply that they are definitely not as readily available as hair extensions companies would make it seem. The most important thing to look for when purchasing human hair is the quality of the hair. So if you are faced with a question like ‘what is better indian or european hair?’.
Don’t be fooled by fancy names that really don’t mean anything. Choose a human hair type and texture that will best fit to your own hair and give you the most natural finish.  Pictures mean a lot more than fancy words when it comes to great quality hair extensions.

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