Hair Inspirations: Beyonce Hair Do’s

The first person I look to for hair extensions inspiration and hair color is inspiration is always Mrs. Beyonce Knowles. Since day one on the music scene Beyonce’s hair styles have been trendsetting and subject worthy. Beyonce’s hair colors constantly change, but she is almost always rocking a honey blonde hue of some sort. Now when I see a black or mixed women with blonde hair I always think – Beyonce hair color!

Beyonce’s hair do’s seem to keep changing. Wether you like Beyonce with long hair or Beyonce with short hair or whether she wears hair extensions or lace wigs she always looks fierce – Sasha Fierce! Now all we wanna know is – who is Beyonce’s stylist?????

Here are some pics I collected of some of my personal favorite Beyonce hair styles:

pictures of beyonce hair styles

For more Beyonce hair style photos, go to her official fan page that has a ton of Beyonce images and other fun stuff!

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One Response to Hair Inspirations: Beyonce Hair Do’s

  1. Tarry says:

    Wow i love Bee’s hair Style, She is a true inspiration, What hair types and textures does she normally install, how many packets to look that bouncy.

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