The Royal wedding: Kate Middleton’s Hair

Just a quick post to wish the royal couple William and Kate congratulations on their wedding day! Kate Middleton looked absolutely beautiful in both dresses designed by Sarah Burton, the new head designer for Alexander McQueen. More importantly Kate’s hair looked amazing! The way her hair was dressed under the veil was beautiful and elegant and very fitting for the future Queen of England.

However, our favorite hair style was Kate’s hair when she debuted her second outfit of the day. Kate had let her hair loose and made it big with a curl at the end. Jaw dropping! Kate Middleton’s hair was created by James Pryce and Richard Ward of the James Ward Salon in London. In a interview to Us Magazine the two hair stylist explained that Kate was very much involved in the wedding hair process- and the outcome reflected that. Another fun note is that Kate did her own makeup on the big day.

If you are blessed with long hair you can achieve the same look with a rollerset and some hair spray. If you don’t have this long hair from nature you can add some silky hair extensions and do a rollerset on that!

Again congratulations on the royal wedding- despite the fact that you stole my man Kate 😉

Kate Middleton wedding hair picture

Kate Middleton wedding hair picture

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