Does Kim Kardashian wear hair extensions?

does kim kardashian wear hair extensions?

Kim Kardashian’s hair is always a hot topic when it comes to hair extensions enthusiast. It seems that no matter how she wears her hair she always looks smashing! Kim Kardashian’s hair color is most often dark brown, but she has also been spotted wearing a honey blonde hue for a second.  The big question on lots of girls minds is does Kim Kardashian wear hair extensions or is it all natural? In the episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians” where Kourtney gives birth to Mason, Kim is caught on tape saying “I was at a photoshoot when I heard the news, so I rushed to the hospital with my hair extensions falling out of my hair.” She has also been spotted at the ‘Hair Shop‘ in Hollywood shopping for hair. Even Kim’s sister Kourtney wears hair extensions. The proof is in these tabloid pictures taken of her: Now don’t get me wrong, I looooooove hair extensions, but seeing that celebrities also put hair extensions in from time to time makes me feel a whole lot better about myself!  Love it!

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13 Responses to Does Kim Kardashian wear hair extensions?

  1. Em says:

    There is nothing wrong with that. I have coarse black dark hair with a brownish streak, and a few white hairs, but I always wanted to have the more lighter color or such as dark brown hair color like Kim.

  2. gkhtes;lfa says:

    in the picture is kourtney not kim just saying:L

    • dee says:

      yeah it says.. “Even Kim’s sister Kourtney wears hair extensions. The proof is in these tabloid pictures taken of her:” they are refering “her” as in kourtney not kim.

      • val says:

        it does look like Kourtney but its Kim because of the blackberry in her hand . kim always had a blackberry

    • briar says:

      yeh it does say that its kourtney in the picture :L

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  4. Julie Mangones says:

    Lookd it is not about color but everyone needs hairs extensions to look better. my hair is to thin and now somebody cutted by mistake that i am looking forward to do my hair extensions in the best comfortable way….watching the videos is the best way to learn.
    thank you!!

  5. BellaDiOliva says:

    I don’t see why there is even any question about extensions. Hair is so versatile, it can be colored or styled in so many ways. About the only limitation is length and fullness. So hair extension fill that bill, when you don’t have a year to grow out your hair. They can be semi-permanent lasting for months with proper care and maintenance or they can be temporary lasting just days or even hours. They most certainly aren’t like implants which are permanent, making everyone wonder if they are real??? As a professional wedding hair stylist and bridal makeup artist, I do extensions all the time on my clients and myself. I consider hair extensions another tool in my arsenal to make my clients look and feel even more beautiful than they already are!

  6. Hayaam Soued says:

    i bet she buys bom hair

  7. Most celebs wear hair extensions, how else would they ever hope to look stunning always.

  8. well I think there’s nothing wrong with hair extensions plus Im a BIG FOND of WEAVE so I love weave its wat I always wanted and I love feeling like IM beautiful and stuff plus I look up to the Kardashains I look at them as big sisters and I call them my sisters

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  10. Justine says:

    I found that hard to believe, especially after watching the Kim Kardashian reality TV marathon.
    If you overheat a pan, it’s easy to correct the problem.
    It affects how we feel, our happiness and our wellbeing – our whole outlook on life.

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