Feather Hair Extensions

Kesha wearing feather hair extensions

famous singer Kesha wearing feather hair extensions

Ever since Ke$ha was spotted sporting feathered hair extensions to support her hipster/party girl look- everyone from London to LA wants to get in on this hot new trend. Feathered hair extensions are are great for adding a little color  and length to your natural tresses. Feathered hair extensions can be used in black hair, caucasian hair or any hair type in general. The first step to figure out is if you want small or large feathers or real or fake feathers applied to your hair.

A Girl wearing straight feather hair extensions

I often hear people asking how much feather extensions cost. First of all, you can do them yourself or have them done at the salon. It is often cheaper to purchase a  feather extensions kit and apply them at home. Salon’s typically charge between 30-50 Dollars per feather extensions install.

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5 Responses to Feather Hair Extensions

  1. saç kaynak says:

    i like that type extension to :))

  2. Ke$ha made a big impact to the girls who love fashion, that they already dying just to try that feather hair extension.

  3. I just love these feathers they look so great in my hair. I would recommend for anyone. I really like how easy they are to maintain. I just do everything like I usually do to my hair and my feathers. They make me happy!!

  4. Cowgirlaza17 says:

    My mother wont let me get feather hair extensions but she wil let me get fake feathers were an I get thoes?

  5. extend magic says:

    what about feather extensions, it can be stay popular in this year to?

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