Should I get Hair Extensions for my wedding?

Should I get hair extensions for my wedding? That is a question I get a lot! It really is a personal decision that you should definitely put a little extra thought into!  After all, you only get one wedding day(assuming you don’t plan on getting married numerous times). Here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind if you decide on getting extensions done on your big day:

1) Keep the hair extensions install as natural as possible. Choose colors that are the same color and texture as you normally wear. You want to look as natural as possible!

2) Don’t jump on the latest trend! This goes for your hair as well as your wedding dress! Imagine if you got married in the 80’s and had worn a side pony and shoulder pads to your wedding. Instead of looking back at your wedding and thinking “I looked so beautiful”, you may instead look back and think “what was I thinking??”

4) Don’t overdue it! If you normally wear your hair in a bob, don’t get hair extensions so long that you can wipe your behind in them! The key is enhancing the beauty you already posses with a little bit “umf”.

5) Don’t get your wedding hair extensions done on the day of your wedding! Make sure you get the extensions installed a week or so before the wedding. Having the hair extensions applied a little while before the big day will ensure that you have enough time to get accustomed to your hair. Worst case scenario this will give you enough time to take the hair extensions out if you do not like the way they turned out.

hair extensions wedding pictures

Should I get hair extensions on my wedding day?

Here is a link to a wedding hair style gallery to give you some inspiration.

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One Response to Should I get Hair Extensions for my wedding?

  1. I do feel you need to try them before the big day, Just to feel you have done the right decision!
    But if you had them before, then you know what you want for sure!!

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