How to sew in extensions on caucasian hair

Sewing in hair extensions is most likely the oldest hair extensions method in the book. Even with so many new methods emerging it is still the most widely used, especially by black women. But what about sew in extensions  for caucasian hair? Since the rise of keratin hair extensions and clip in hair extensions- sew in weaves original popularity has diminished a bit in the caucasian hair extensions community.

Before taking the plunge into keratin hair extensions instead of sewn in hair extensions- consider the consequences. If done correctly sew in hair extensions are a lot less stressful on your hair than strand by strand extensions. It is also important to note that while stylist may claim keratin extensions  are easy to get out of hair- the take out process will cause damage on your hair. Many stylist use acetone based products remove the extensions which will severely dry and weaken your hair.

As displayed in the picture below, sew in hair extensions are applied by braiding your hair in a protective tiny braid- and then sewing the wefted hair extensions on to that. This allows for a natural blending of the hair extensions hair and your natural hair.

sew in hair extensions

The base track for sew in hair extensions caucasian hair

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One Response to How to sew in extensions on caucasian hair

  1. Maree fraser says:

    Hi. I have some hair extensions that I want to sew in but how do u get the braid to stay there so u can sew them in. Also where can u buy really long extensions from? Thanks

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