How to make Hair Clip In Extensions Guide

Clip hair extensions are a great way to get long luscious hair in a matter of minutes. Clip in hair extensions provide you with a no obligation hair addition technique that can’t go wrong. This is a guide that will help you create clip in hair extensions fast and easy. There really is no need to pay extra money for clip in extensions.

What you will need:

1. 1 bundle(100gr) of wefted hair extensions hair

2.  hair extensions clip(wig clips)

3.  Sewing needle

4. Thick thread(that matches the color of the hair extensions hair closely)

Now to the fun part- creating the clip in extensions.

Step 1- Measuring the hair

This should be done with a back and rearview mirror. Start measuring up the lines from the bottom as far up to your head as you wish. If you have very thick hair, you may want to double the hair extensions tracks. On the contrary, if you have very thin hair you may want split the tracks to avoid lumpiness.

Step 2- Cutting the wefts

Cut the wefts at the point you measured to. Note that you should stop the wefts at least 1/2 away from your face for coverage.

Step 3- Sew on hair extensions clips

sewing on the clip ins is fairly straight forward. Sew the wig clips on to the hair on each side of the weft. If you are dealing with a very long weft you can attach an extra clip at the center.

Step 4- Applying the hair clip extensions

When Applying hair clip extensions always make sure that you create an even part. Attack the clip in to the top part of the hair part. Applying the clip in to the top part of the part will ensure that the clip in is much more securely placed- without sliding down.

Your done! You can move the placement of the clip ins around if you don’t feel like you have created a natural look. If this doesn’t help, you may need to clip in more hair.

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