Paris Hilton Hair Extensions Inspiration

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the infamous Paris Hilton wears hair extensions. After all, she owns her own hair extensions line. paris is what you would call a ‘proud hair extensions wearer’. She will walk out the door with long blonde hair one day, and chin length short bob the next. She does not care that people know of her hair enhancements! You can love or hate Paris Hilton, but I respect her for her bravery. Ladies, there is NOTHING wrong with wearing hair extensions!

A collage of paris Hilton with and without hair extensions. paris hilton is known for weaing hair extensions and walking out the door with long beautiful flowing hair on day and shorter fierce locks the next. Paris Hilton is so well known for wearing hair additions that she started her own hair extensions brand that includes phony ponys, clip ins and hair pieces

A collection of Paris Hilton hair extensions pictures

Here are some pictures of paris with hair extensions,  and without hair extensions on the left:

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