Why is indian hair so amazing?

Indian hair is the bomb! It is strong, long, shiny and comes in a variety of different textures from curly to silky straight. For a better understanding of why indian hair is so amazing, check out the website IndianRapunzels.com. Indian Rapunzels is a website that showcases Indian women with abnormally beautiful long hair. In India long hair is a symbol of beauty and wealth.

Luckily for women around the rest of the world thousands of Indian women shave their heads everyday as a sacrifice to their Hindu Gods. This hair is then picked up at the Indian temples, cleaned and processed by the middle men. The Indian hair is then sold to women all over Europe and America, enabling them to have long, lucious, silky locs!

Indian Rapunzel is the most popular of the long hair indian sites.

A picture of a woman with long Indian hair from the Indian Rapunzel website

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3 Responses to Why is indian hair so amazing?

  1. Brenda says:

    Ok WTF that is so stupid

    • Tee says:

      I wouldn’t say it is stupid. I am sure there are a lot of things we do in America – they consider stupid. It may seem a bit primitive- cutting off your hair and giving it to the Hindu gods. But it is a third world country and most third world countries are very religious and many of the peoples lives evolve around living a great after life. They believe that sacrificing their hair will bring them one step closer to God and heaven.

      • princessk says:

        gosh how sick is it to still believe crapy things like third world and all… its abviously cool for anyone to do whatever they want… and i guess its not a matter of third world countries when people tend to shave their heads for fashion trends…! guys grow up and come outta the vintage lolipops. guys believe it as a HUMAN RACE…!

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