The Best Hair Extensions For Black Hair

Back in the day, when the hair extensions market wasn’t as popular as it is today, women often had to settle when it came to matching the color and texture of their natural hair. With the hair extensions market on a constant uproar today, this is no longer an issue! Hair extensions are available in a huge range of different colors and textures to fit our mood.

One question we often get asked is what hair extensions are the most fitting for African American hair. However this is not a question as easily answered as one may think. Black women’s hair texture differs very much often ranging from a loose curls to tight cork screws. On top of that, a lot of black women have chosen to relax their tresses, which completely alters the structure of their hair strands. Below is an overview of hair extensions hair textures that fit African-American hair well:

Kinky Straight Hair– If you have relaxed tresses with a little bit of texture, this is the best option for you. This hair texture becomes bone straight when pressed.

Yaki Hair– This texture is a great solution for you if you have relaxed hair that is almost bone straight or if you keep black hair pressed or roller set constantly.

Kinky Curly Hair– This texture is for the natural ladies who naturally have a type 4A, 4B or 4C hair. Beautiful tight corkscrews! This hair type will allow you to wear your hair natural, and cut down on heat and manipulation.

Soft Curls– This hair type is great for black women who have texturized their hair to a big curl.

Singer Erykah Badu always uses hair extensions to enhance her natural hair. This picture shows Erykah Badu wearing kinky straight hair extensions that give her a big and wild look. You cane purchase kinky straight hair at the hair extensions club

Beautiful singer Erykah Badu loves to enhance her personal style with over the top natural African hair styles.

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3 Responses to The Best Hair Extensions For Black Hair

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you so muc,h I’m getting my natural hair pressed tomorrow and I wanted to add some length to my hair but I was unsure which extensions to buy. Thx alot

  2. sanicu says:

    Hi! I love your post. I’ve recently purchase the Mongolian kinky Remy. I was unable to find any reviews online. Have you tried it? Did you like it?

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