Would you shave your head? Would Oprah shave her head?

One person who’s hair is always flawless in my opinion is Oprah Winfrey! She always looks stunning no matter how she wears her hair.  Anyways, look at this episode of ‘Oprah’ featuring Chris Rock and Solange Knowles. The episode focuses on African-American women and their hair style troubles and conceptions. In the episode Oprah gets asked if she would shave off her hair, like singer Solange recently did.

If you are one of the few people still left out there who hasn’t watched Chris Rock’s popular documentary- you need to jump on the wagon! This informative and reflective 1 hour TV documentary covers the many aspects of African American women and their hair from afros to relaxers to hair extensions. Purchase the movie and read the consumer reviews here.

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2 Responses to Would you shave your head? Would Oprah shave her head?

  1. Diva says:

    Tee, I enjoy your post and have found them very informative and enlightening. In response to this post, in my experience I’ve come to see the real issues with black women is their head ( mind) and not their hair. True empowerment is the ability to choose what you desire to do with your own hair, for your own reason and simply do it and feel good about you, period. That choice can be wigs, weaves, pony tails, 1/2 caps, natural and bald! Until we embrace healing for our own intellect and person the black female will forever give permission to others to abuse her because of what? Her own hair choices! This is maddness! Check out my blog. I’m new just getting started ,still check me out. have a great day Tee. http://strandzofadiva.wordpress.com
    Hairology & Wigonomics 101

  2. Tee says:

    Diva, thank you for you response! I completely agree with you on your comment. Using wigs and extensions is a great way to alternate your look and style according to your mood! Look at celebrities like Paris Hilton or Rihanna who go from short hair to long hair over night! Look at the freedom of expression and style hair additions create! And you are right Diva, it is all in our heads, and the heads of those who judge us. Thank you so much for your insightful comment- I could not have said it better!

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