How to make a Half Wig

Many hair extensions enthusiast like to have the luxury of changing their hair up more often than a ‘classic’ hair extensions install allows them to. Making your wefted hair extensions into a ‘half wig’ is the perfect way to create a weave style that is easily removed and re-applied. Half wigs can be taken off at night before bed and re-applied in the morning before work or school! It also gives you the freedom to change between wigs everyday so that you can wear your hair curly one day, and straight the next! Half wigs is also used as a popular way for black women to wear their hair in a protective style that ensures optimal growth retention!

I found this great YouTube on how to create a successful half wig! Always try to use quality hair for a more natural look as well as less shedding and tangling. Cheap hair may look good in the bathroom mirror – but come sunshine the hair shine will always look off! Only 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions will provide you with a 100% natural hair extensions look. Also, keep in mind that higher quality hair will last a much longer time, and you will not need to repurchase hair for every install!

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One Response to How to make a Half Wig

  1. Julie Mangones says:

    very good tutorial, it looks natural….I like it very much.

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