Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Pro’s and Con’s

Cold Fusion hair extensions picture

Cold Fusion extensions is a strand by strand hair extensions method created to combat the flaws of he traditional hot fusion. The hair is pre tipped an each strand of hair is attached to your natural hair.

Cold fusion Vs Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

The Cold fusion  hair extensions was created to be a more gentle alternative than keratin hot fusion hair extensions. Cold fusion hair extensions is a no heat hair extensions method where the hair is bonded via a ultra sound applicator. is a newer extensions method, that is created to be more gentle on your natural hair then hot fusion. This means that unlike other keratin based extensions this method does not use heat, that can potentially damage your natural hair.


What are the Benefits of using Cold Fusion?

The keratin polymeter used in cold fusion are more flexible, and therefor the cold fusion offers more convenient and comfortable styling.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions at a Glance…

Cold fusion hair extensions are fast and easily applied to your hair. Other benefits of cold fusion hair extensions method are:

  • Technique lasts 2-4 months
  • A free flowing and natural finish.
  • Works well when adding both volume and/or length to hair
  • Cold Fusion works great for short hair because it can be applied closer to your scalp!
  • This method isn’t affected by heat from hair dryers or styling irons.


Fusion Hair Extensions ‘Cons’

Cold fusion extensions are expensive. There is also an added cost because they must be removed proffesionally.

If you are interseted in getting fusion hair extensions you should purchase a good quality Virgin Remy Hair

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3 Responses to Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Pro’s and Con’s

  1. Jess S says:

    I just got this done about 2 weeks ago..n one fell out n my scalp hurts. I am wondering if this is normal?

  2. jodie Nicholson says:

    Hi i am a hairdresser and at the moment i offer micro ring hair extensions and i used to do the racoon hair extensions with glue gun etc… now looking to do the new fusion bonds and come across the cold fusion… could somebody please advise me if you still use the same nail tip remy hair for cold fusion??

  3. Sounds like you have to take care of extensions very precisely. And not only that but they are expensive. So ladies, choose wisely! But having them professionally applied is totally worth it. You get to receive professional opinions for your type of hair and have suggestions on how to keep it looking healthier and fresh as the days go by. 🙂

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