Brazilian Blowout on African American Hair

So I’ve seen a lot of question posted around the internet about the effects of the brazilian blowout on african american hair. Although this is not directly related to hair extensions – I will address the issue anyway!

For many years, the traditional relaxer was the most common way for black women to straighten their hair. Today, a lot of black women opt for natural hair or straightening their hair using more gentle methods. A brazilian keratin relaxer is a great way to straighten your hair temperarily with out causing any damage to it.

When preforming a BKT, you infuse keratin into your hair strands using heat. This actually makes each hair strand stronger and healthier because it coats your hair, while infusing it’s #1 nutrient- protein(keratin).

The benefits of getting a Brazilian Keratin Relaxer on African American hair are:

  • Straightens your hair for 3-5 months
  • Strengthens your hair by infusing protein
  • Makes your hair MUCH more manageable
  •  Enables you to wear your hair straight, without creating irritating permanent results
  • Makes your straightening process time a lot quicker

BKT can be performed on natural hair as well as relaxed hair without causing any damage. Actually it promotes healthier hair, especially on relaxed hair, which often lacks protein. 

There has been a lot of talk about the Keratin Relaxer being a health hazard because of high levels of Formalyde. Formalyde is a toxic gas that can be potentially lethal to humans if inhaled at large doses. However, newer versions of the treatment claim to be formalyde free. 
Here is a YouTube video of the a brazilian Keratin Treatment being performed on African American hair.
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