Aphogee 2 Step VS Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I have for the longest time been a fan of Brazilian Keratin treatments and Brazilian Keratin Relaxers. The problem with these treatments is that they can be very pricey! Between hair cuts, highlights, weaves and extensions hair – maintaining my hair can get very expensive. I just don’t know if I feel right about spending THAT much money on my hair!

I have for the longest time tried to find a similar, less expensive treatment that would leave my hair soft and shiny. I never really wanted to get rid of my curls, but rather keep my hair straight until it got longer. I tried the Organix Keratin Treatment, but it turned my highlights orange – and even worse – permanently altered the structure of my hair. Now my bangs are completely straight, and the back of my hair is curly :-/ I don’t recommend this product, because it must have an ingredient in it that relaxes the hair definitively.

Anyways, I learned about Aphogee’s two step treatment a while back. Most reviews I had read were positive, but some were quite the contrary. Since my hair has taken a plunge for the worse these last few months I decided it was time for some drastic measures! I finally took the plunge and tried the Aphogee two step.

I must say I was very pleasantly surprised! The Aphogee 2 step treatment did the exact same thing for my hair’s health as my former brazilian keratin treatments had done. I only applied the treatment to my leave out(I am currently in weave) but the difference was remarkable. I can’t wait to take my weave out and apply it to the rest!

So my conclusion is that I feel stupid for going to the salon and doing these crazy expensive keratin treatments. In my case, I would have been equally satisfied with the Aphogee 2 step treatment which has cost me under 5 dollars!

I guess it all builds down to what you are looking for the treatment to achieve for you. If you simply want to add protein to you hair for the sake of manageability and your hair’s health – Aphogee is for you! However if you want to strengthen you hair – AND straighten your hair temporarily – you should go with the keratin treatment. The most notable difference in my case is the price – because the products virtually strengthen your hair in the same way.

Let me know if you have any questions about my experience – and please share your experience as well!

Here is a YouTube tutorial from the popular video blogger Ateyaa:

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One Response to Aphogee 2 Step VS Brazilian Keratin Treatment

  1. I maintain my straight hair that’s why I’m fond of going to salon yet I was disappointed when it cause too much hair fall and then my hair goes dry and dull. For now, Im taking care of it by simply using the proper way of conditioning the hair I use some hair treatment to gain back its natural shine and beauty.

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