How to find an Experienced Weave Stylist

How to find an  Experienced Weave Stylist (Weavologist)

Finding a good weavologist is key to getting flawless hair extensions application. Whether you are getting a full or partial weave you should make sure to find someone who is specialized in that specific area! Don’t ever leave your hair in the hands of an amateur! Some quick ideas for selecting a good stylist are:

  • Always do your research when looking for a hair extensions stylist. Are you able to find online review on the stylist? Do you know anyone else who has had their hair done with this person.
  •  Know what you are looking for – are you looking for a partial weave? A full weave? Do you need a closure installed? Do you want a net weave? A weave that will promote hair growth?
  • Call and speak to your stylist so you can get a feeling if the stylist can full fill your needs!
  • Don’t ever settle! Feel confident with your choice so that you don’t walk out the salon with a feeling of regret.

Let me know if you have any questions – or you feel there is anything that should be added to this list! Also I would love to hear about your good and bad experiences when it comes to weaves? Do you have any stylist recommendations in your area? Share the love 😉


Find a good Weave StylistFind an experienced Weave Stylist

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2 Responses to How to find an Experienced Weave Stylist

  1. vasiliki says:

    Where can I find the best stylists for hair extensions in New York and long island .

  2. jessica says:

    I was thinking of getting sew in extensions in my thin wavy hair, about three or four tracks. The stylist mentioned that she would also braid in hair so that it doesn’t put too much stress on my hair. I’m gonna be getting it done by a stylist that does extensions at the salon, but still I worry if after I take them out, will I get bald patches? I’m only gonna be keeping them in for 3-4 weeks..plz respond asap! Thx

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