What kind of hair extensions does Kim Kardashian have?

In my previous post Does Kim Kardashian wear hair extensions, we established that the vulouptious beauty and her sisters DO wear hair extensions! But what kind of hair extensions does Kim Kardashian wear? Based on the all of the different types of hair extensions available on the market she probably wears a few different methods:

1. We already know that Kim’s sister Kourtney wear weaves. Meaning she gets her hair braided in tracks – and has the extensions sewn on to them. So it is highly likely that Kim also uses this method when she is looking for more permanent results

2. Kim has also been known to glue on hair extensions when she wants to add a couple of highlightes to her hair

3. It is very common for stars to wear clip in extensions for events and photo shoots to add and remove length quickly and damage free! I thank we can almost cretainly say that this is a method Kim would use!

What type of Hair extensions hair does Kim Kardashian wear?

Now this is a little bit harder questions. I would imagine that Kim wears Indian or Malaysian hair because these are two of the most common hair types will leave you with a long, healthy looking and shiny finish!

There are many ways to achieve a great hair extensions finish, firstly you must find a good stylist, and secondly you must purchase premium virgin remy hair extensions!

kim Kardashian hair extensions inspiration

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6 Responses to What kind of hair extensions does Kim Kardashian have?

  1. Jackie says:

    Send me types of weaves that are on fassion

  2. casey oneill says:

    i say she wears extensions what kind though foxy locks hair extensions of course

  3. Michelle Hernandez says:

    Helloooooooo she wakes up to a million dollar makeup ,hair and wardrobe team before she steps out..yes she can’t act she can’t sing she can’t dance and isn’t a designer so Wat is she doin rite….hey I can’t hate she’s sooooohot she’s using her beauty and fame whoring biznes to bring in aaaaaall the endorsements so I give it to her she’s a smart talentless woman doin her thaaaang

  4. Hair extensions making your hairs more beautiful and stylish. You can see Kim Kardashian images with diffrent styles of extensions. One more thing I want to share, My wife also use these extensions so i believe you these extensions are safe.

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    Lenses, conversely, are made from high standard plastic having ultra-violet defense along with anti-reflection features
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  6. Thanks for the great article. it is interesting that she get the clue in hair extensions rather than the clip in ones.

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