Best Hair Care Products to maintain Hair Extensions

Once you invest in hair extensions – you want to make them last as long as possible. The quality of the hair you’ve purchased is of course the number one factor in keeping your new hair beautiful and shiny. If you have purchased quality remy hair, there are a lot of things you can do to maintain the health of your extensions. Even more importantly there are a number of things you shouldn’t do:

Get the color of hair you actually need – avoid coloring the hair

If you have purchased virgin remy hair this hair is completely unprocessed. You can go a few shades lighter but I don’t recommend going from dark brown hair to light blonde. This needs to be done at the hair extensions manufacture.

Treat the hair with the same respect as you would your own

Even though your hair extensions are not directly attached to your scalp – don’t treat them any differently then you would your own! Brush the hair from carefully from the tips to the root 2-3 times a day. Treat your hair with the same sensitivity you would your natural hair

Condition, Condition condition!

Avoid using too much shampoo on the extensions hair. It is OK to clean your scalp but generally try to avoid using shampoo down the tips of the hair extensions hair. Keep in mind that hair extensions hair does not get the natural oil from the scalp and therefor tends to be drier then natural hair.

What hair products should you use for hair extensions?

Always use conditioners and shampoo that nourish the hair. Follow this checklist when purchasing hair extensions care products:

  • Avoid Clarifying conditioners
  • Always use sulphate free and alcohol free products
  • Use moisturizing conditioners and shampoos
  • Us a protein conditioner ever 2 weeks
  • Use leave in conditioner every day
Here is a list of products readily available at drugstores and supermarkets:
  • Aussie Moist
  • V05 (Moisture Milks line)
  • Tressemme
  • Aphogee products(for moisture)
  • Organix
How to sleep with you hair extensions
Always braid your hair extensions before bed. Always sleep n a satin pillow or with a silk scarf.

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5 Responses to Best Hair Care Products to maintain Hair Extensions

  1. OHABSdotCOM says:

    It is important to take good care of your virgin hair extensions This will protect your investment. After all quality hair extensions are expensive!

  2. For one that has a straight hair then got it curled, I think it is not necessary to have a particular maintainer just the usual shampoo would be fine

  3. a7labanat says:

    very nice post, useful information

  4. extend magic says:

    i love my long hair extensions, and thank you for that recommentions 🙂

  5. Ken says:

    My daughters love these extensions – thanks!

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