What are Virgin Remy Hair Extensions?

Virgin Remy hair is the preferred favorite for women wearing hair extensions. It is also known as cut, cuticle or virgin hair.  Virgin Remy hair extension is preferred for its versatility, because it can be treated like your own hair. You can color it, highlight it, perm or whatever else you may wish!

But what does the terms virgin and remy actually mean? What differs this type of human hair from other types of hair extensions on the market?

What are Remy hair extensions?

A few years ago the term ‘remy’ was a new and hot topic in the hair extensions field. But remy hair has stood the test of time – and is today equivalent with good quality hair.

There are 2 types of human hair extensions available on the market – ‘fallen hair’ and ‘donor hair’.

Fallen hair is hair that is collected everyday in Indian villages. Indian women collect there shed hair from their hair brushes and combs and cell it for pennies to the hair collectors who come knocking on their door!

Donor hair is hair collected at the Indian Hindu temples where thousands women sacrifice their hair everyday! This hair is of course in a lot better condition then the fallen hair. The most important aspect is that the donor hair is kept in in the correct cuticle direction – meaning the hair strands face the way they faced when they were growing out. Brushing and styling the hair in the opposite direction will cause massive damage to the hair strand and therefor results in breakage, shedding and matting of the hair. These are all characteristics of bad quality hair that is either not remy, or is remy hair mixed with non human hair fibers.

What are Virgin Hair extensions?

Virgin hair extensions are hair extensions that have not been processed in any sort or way! Specifically this means the hair has not been colored, bleached, permed or in any way treated with chemicals of any sort!

Virgin hair extensions are the preferred hair extensions choice by many women sporting darker hues, particularly African American women wearing hair extensions.

Virgin Remy Hair Extensions are the Best

So to sum it all up – virgin remy hair extensions are the rawest hair extensions form, and basically means hair extensions that are in the correct cuticle direction, and have not been processed. So the moral of this story is- when you choose virgin remy hair extensions, you choose the best.

Malaysian hair in different textures


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