Fake hair VS Real Hair Extensions

So you are considering getting hair extensions? If it is your first time getting hair extensions – you may not know what type of hair to choose. This article  was written to help you make the right decisions.

The first thing to consider is what type of hair extensions you are looking to get. are you looking for a permanent solution – or do you want hair extensions you camn wearoccasionally? Perhaps you are just looking to get a strip of hair in a crazy color?

Human Hair Extensions

If you are looking to get permanet hair extensions(they will last 3-5 months) you should almost always choose top quality human hair. Human hair will blend better with your own hair, and is much more long lasting than synthetic. Also human hair looks natural.

Here are some of the benefits of human hair:

  • Looks natural
  • You can straighten it or curl it
  • If you get Virgin remy human hair you can color and highlight it
  • Quality human hair can last you for years
  • Does not have the unatural shine of synthetic hair

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are the preferred hair extensions by some women. Victoria Beckham has chosen to only wear synthetic hair extensions for ethical reasons. British singer Jamelia made the same choice.Other people choose synthetic hair extensions because they are often less expensive.

Some of the benefits of synthetic hair extensions:

  • They are less expensive
  • you can get them in CRAZY colors
  • The colors don’t fade
  • You can straighten or curl the extensions permanently using boiling water
  • There are now heat friendly synthetic hair extensions available Synthetic hair manufactures constantly work on make the hair a better quality

Victoria beckham hair Extensions

So should you choose synthetic or human hair extensions?

I would definitely recommend human hair extensions – the best quality available. Whether you are getting sewn in hair extensions, strand by strand hair extensions or clip in hair extensions – human hair is preferable.

If you do choose to get synthetic hair extensions I would recommend that they be clip in hair extensions that you can take off and on, full wigs or full sew in weaves. Blending the hair extensions with your natural hair is often the give away when it comes to how natural your hair extensions look.

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5 Responses to Fake hair VS Real Hair Extensions

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    human hair extensions placed in your hair, you can keep them in for up to 6 months to a year, Synthetic extensions usually last around 6 weeks to 3 months,
    Synthetic hair extensions are much easier to style You cannot use heated styling tools on most synthetic hair
    Human hair will be styled in the same way you care for your natural hair. You can use styling products and tools without trepidation.
    You can care for human hair extensions in the same way that you care for your natural hair. Wash them along with your hair with shampoo in the shower, and use conditioner to keep them soft and shiny. To wash synthetic hair extensions, you should use the cleaner solution that comes with most extensions.

  4. saç kaynak says:

    nice article about real hair & fake hair. i use just remy virgin hair and, that hair gives me feel quality 🙂

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