Reviving a dry weave

We all have been there – when the weave on your head looks like a birds nest and the only option seems to be taking it out and burning it. But hold on before you jump the bar – this reviving cocktail may just be what your hair extensions need to have prolonged life!

Dryness is lack of moisture… so you need to get the most moisture rich conditioners on the market! Try Aussi Moist (The most moisturizing conditioner in my opinion).

  1. First up, mix 1 egg yolk, peanut butter (no chunks), olive oil (or almond oil) and honey together and let it set for 30-60 minutes. 15 minutes with heat.
  2. Wash out and deep condition with Creme of Nature Argan Oil.
  3.  Rinse out with Aussie Moist or similar moisturizing conditioner.

This should leave your hair silky and manageable again. Keep in mind, this method will only work on remy hair extensions, the conditioning will have no effect on synthetic hairs.

I originally found inspiration to this post on BlackHairMedia, I just did some tweaking, which I felt was better. View the inspirational post here with pictures:

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