Shoulder Length Bob cut

So I have had a lot of life altering events lately – I kind of feel like I would like to fix my hair to go with my new found power, womanhood, not-to-mention single lady life style! Since I have worn my hair long for the last many years, I am going to spice it up a bit!  And no, please don’t get to thinking that I am going Rosemary’s baby on you! I don’t have the guts, or the head for it. I am going to go the shortest I have ever gone – a shoulder length layered bob! Wahuuuh! Here are some pictures I found of styles that I liked! I am excited about this one… I feel like I am reinventing myself a little LOL.

bob3 bob4 bob7



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One Response to Shoulder Length Bob cut

  1. YES!
    So excited for you! I did this cut this summer and absolutely love it.
    Hello new you! 😀
    Cheers, Sara

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