Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in Hair extensions are extensions applied to hair using tape. The hair is on tracks that has a tape applied to the track mad for putting in your natural hair. This method is another option to create a result that resembles bonded/glue in hair extensions or clip in hair extensions. The tape typically last about 1-2 weeks before it begins to loosen and slip out of hair. For added or extensded wear you can apply glue (typically liquid gold) to the tape witch will increase the wear time so it can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

With this method you part you natural hair and “sandwich” your hair between two pieces of the tape hair extensions. This way the hair falls as your natural hair would with added length and fullness.

This extensions technique is preformed by hair stylist but more often by woman wanting a DIY option at home. It does not take a lot of skill or practice to apply, just a bit of beginners instruction.

It is important when opting for tape in extensions that you chose hair that matches your own texture and color as all of your natural har is visible and integrated into this hair extensions application.

As with any hair extensions solution price and quality go hand in hand. For a longer lasting hair quality always opt for remi hair, cuticle hair and/or virgin hair extensions. These hair qualities are more expensive but also a lot more long lasting and natural looking.

This technique is very popular with white woman/caucasian women but is also popular with African American Woman who with to wear their hair straight, as there are not a lot of curly options available with this extensions type.


This hair extensions technique is great for Do-it- yourself woman who do not wish to be bothered with paying salon prices. Clip in hair extensions can feel flatter and more natural then a traditional sew in weave or clip in extensions. The application time is fast and easy.


If you are going for a different color or texture stay away from this technique as it will not provide you with a natural looking result.

This technique is probably not the best option if you want an extreme amount of volume or if you want long lasting extensions. If you use a lot of heavy or oily products it can affect the wear and tear of the tape and this may not be the best hair extensions solution for you.

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