Shoulder Length Bob cut

So I have had a lot of life altering events lately – I kind of feel like I would like to fix my hair to go with my new found power, womanhood, not-to-mention single lady life style! Since I have worn my hair long for the last many years, I am going to spice it up a bit!  And no, please don’t get to thinking that I am going Rosemary’s baby on you! I don’t have the guts, or the head for it. I am going to go the shortest I have ever gone – a shoulder length layered bob! Wahuuuh! Here are some pictures I found of styles that I liked! I am excited about this one… I feel like I am reinventing myself a little LOL.

bob3 bob4 bob7



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A Cococnut Relaxer

I always feel like I know about most things hair care and hair extensions. Yet today I stumbled over something called a coconut relaxer. An hour later I had watched countless youtube videos and read articles about the phenomonon.

The coconut relaxer is actually more of a deep conditioner/curl definer/ texturizer than it is a relaxer. It is a treatment consisting of yoghurt, coconut oil and coconut compound mixed together at home and applied to your hair. The result is much more manageable and healthy hair!

Watch these to wonderful youtube bloggers going at it for their first coconut relaxer experience!

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Reviving a dry weave

We all have been there – when the weave on your head looks like a birds nest and the only option seems to be taking it out and burning it. But hold on before you jump the bar – this reviving cocktail may just be what your hair extensions need to have prolonged life!

Dryness is lack of moisture… so you need to get the most moisture rich conditioners on the market! Try Aussi Moist (The most moisturizing conditioner in my opinion).

  1. First up, mix 1 egg yolk, peanut butter (no chunks), olive oil (or almond oil) and honey together and let it set for 30-60 minutes. 15 minutes with heat.
  2. Wash out and deep condition with Creme of Nature Argan Oil.
  3.  Rinse out with Aussie Moist or similar moisturizing conditioner.

This should leave your hair silky and manageable again. Keep in mind, this method will only work on remy hair extensions, the conditioning will have no effect on synthetic hairs.

I originally found inspiration to this post on BlackHairMedia, I just did some tweaking, which I felt was better. View the inspirational post here with pictures:

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Removing tape hair extensions

Anytime you use hair extensions, you should be considering the potential damage to your hair. Especially if the hair extensions technique in question involves using glue/adhesive to put the hair in.

Over the years of using a ton of different hair extensions techniques I have found that when playing with glue – there is only one way to go – C-22 Solvent.

C22 solvent is an oil based adhesive remover that not only loosens the bonded material – but dissolves it! Once the oil remover is sprayed on the bond, the hair extensions will slip out of your hair within a minute of application. No pulling, no tugging, no breaking of your natural hair – leaving you with a no damage hair extensions removal! Perfection!


how to remove tape extensions



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Tape Extensions for black women

Many African American women believe that the only appropriate way for them to install hair extensions is with a sewn weave, a quick weave or a wig. We women of color tend to steer clear of ‘white girl’ extensions such as clip ins, fusion and tape in extensions.

I used to be the same way – having had my hair break off numerous times from extension installations that were a bad fit for my fine, fragile 3C hair. However, my new obsession ha surprised even myself – tape in hair extensions. It started with the arrival of these at the After doing a little research online I found out that many black women actually have great success with this technique. I figured with all my conditioning treatment this method would not work with me – but it did. The ‘sandwiching’ of the tie wefts really creates a secure bond that does not just slip out!

Watch this video and you may change your mind about tape hair extensions the same way I did!

I am creating a new install new week, I will take pictures and upload for you guys to see!


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Growing your hair long

healthy hair care journey


A quick post today. I fell over this hair care article written by this gorgeous natural on Ouidad’s blog site. Amazing what a 1 year healthy hair journey can do! Eboni shares some great pointers on how to gain healthy hair – and sheds light on some common misconceptions regarding health black hair!

Also remember that lot’s of girls grow their hair out with weaves and other forms of extensions. As long as you continuously remember to care for your natural hair – extensions are a great way to ‘fake it till you make it’.



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How to blend kinky curly hair extensions

Big, beautiful natural looking hair styles can be jaw dropping beautiful if done correctly. If you decide to venture into a kinky curly install – the tough part can be finding a curl that matches your own curl pattern. Asides from that, your curl pattern may alter itself due to weather, conditioner or hair care routine. So how do you get a kinky curly install that will look natural?

Solution 1:

Create 2 stranded flat twists! Play around with the size of the twists making them match perfectly to the hair that you have purchased.

Watch this awesome video we found on youtube – this beautiful young lady is taking care of her hair WHILE blending her hair perfectly to fit her install.

Please note: this is NOT our kinky curly hair, our curl is a lot tighter.

Solution 2:

Create bantu knot out to your whole head, giving the leave out and the hair extensions the same curl pattern.

Watch this beautiful lady work it out giving her a headturning finish!

Please note: this is NOT our kinky curly hair.

Do you have any suggestions on how to create an undetectable kinky curly install? Please share!!!


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